Airway Bill

You may have to provide an Airway Bill for your shipment to show to the seller in order to be compensated for taxes originally paid at the time of purchase.

Air Waybills are typically generated the same day of shipment and can only be forwarded once the shipment is received, cleared through customs and paid for in full.

Tax-free orders must be prearranged with the vendor, as LightSpeed Shipping is a foreign entity, which does not have the authority to withhold taxes. LightSpeed Shipping can provide a copy of the Airway Bill to show proof of export to the vendor to withhold taxes or credit taxes to a purchase.

You may request an Air Waybill by sending an email to

Non-Operational Days

LightSpeed Shipping will not have flights on any Bahamian or American observed public holiday. To ensure proper scheduling of shipments, please click here for 2014-2015 holiday listing.

Hazardous Materials

A hazardous material (hazmat) is defined as any material that can adversely affect the safety of the public, handlers or carriers during transportation.

LightSpeed Shipping does not accept or export hazmat goods. If you have any questions or concerns over whether your shipment may contain hazmat goods, you can view this List of Common Items that may be Hazardous. Please note that this is an abbreviated list of common items and does not include the full listing of hazmat articles.

Importation Regualtions

Bahamas customs requires invoices for all goods being imported to determine its value and duty. All invoices must be legible and itemized with the cost. If the goods are used they still must have an itemized cost invoice to be cleared by customs. Please submit invoices here or email them to

LightSpeed Shipping can clear goods on your behalf once you have given authorization to act as your agent.

As such, Bahamas Customs requires us to secure from you a completed Bahamas Customs Form C 44 along with:

  • For Bahamian Residents: a copy of the front and back of your National Insurance Card
  • For Non-Bahamian Residents: photo identification (preferably a copy of your Passport photo page)
  • For Businesses: a copy of your valid Business License and a Letter of Good Standing from National Insurance.

You can email these documents to to ensure that there are no delays in your shipment. If you have any questions or concerns, please feel free to contact our office at 242-323-7767/242-698-7767.

Unclaimed Items

Items left at any of our Nassau or Out Island locations for more than 30 business days will be sold to recover costs such as shipping charges and Bahamas customs' charges.