From the U.S. Nassau Eleuthera Long Island
Air Freight Service Under 5lbs $9.00 flat $11.00 flat $11.00 flat
5lbs + $1.75/lb $1.95/lb $1.95/lb
Ocean Freight Service Loose items $0.75/lb (Min 30lbs) $0.75/lb (Min 30lbs) $0.75/lb (Min 30lbs)
Pallet $200.00 (5 ft. high max) $200.00 (5 ft. high max) $200.00 (5 ft. high max)

*Receive a 25% discount when shipping more than three (3) flat rate items under 3lbs at one time.

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Additional Fees
  • Customs Processing Fee $10.00
  • Invoices over $100.00 are subject to Customs Processing Fee of $10.00 or 1% of value.
  • Clearing Charges $5 for 5lbs-29lbs and $25 30lbs +
Additional Information
  • To receive mail (envelopes) and magazines, please ship to the mail address given to you when you signed up.
  • Insurance at the rate of 1% is mandatory on items valued at $100.00 or more.
  • Invoices are needed for all items that originate from the USA. Please submit invoices here.
  • Storage fee of $5.00 per day will apply to packages left after 5 days at our Nassau or Out Island locations.
  • Conslidation available at a fee of $10.00, minimum 15lbs total for all items to be consolidated.
US Pick-Ups
  • $40.00 flat fee- Fort Lauderdale area
  • $45.00 flat fee-Miami area

We can deliver to offices within Nassau.

  • $20.00 flat fee
Shipment Weight

Final rates are based on actual weights and dimensions verified during the shipment process. Billing weight is generated by the greater of the actual weight OR dimensional weight of each package.