Why Ship with LightSpeed?

We understand life in the islands and truly know the shipping business “inside out.“ LightSpeed Shipping has the right network and professional team in place to offer you the fastest service at the best rates. Making the order process as easy for you as possible is our priority.

What islands do you ship to?

We ship from the U.S. to Nassau and the Family Islands, with daily flights to Eleuthera and Long Island. You can choose LightSpeed to ship your packages from the U.S. to Nassau only, the U.S. to the Family Islands, or Nassau to the Family Islands.

How does the service work?

LightSpeed Shipping provides you with a FREE U.S shipping address to use for purchases from your favorite online stores without leaving the comfort of your home. This FREE U.S shipping address also serves as a drop off location. Additionally, you can come into our Nassau location and place your order. Once your order has been placed, please send a copy of the invoice to invoices@lightspeedship.com.

How do I get my free U.S. address?

After signing up for a free account, you will receive an email with your name, user I.D and shipping address. When asked for the shipping address when shopping online, enter our U.S. address, followed by the location and 5-digit zip code in the spaces provided.

How does LightSpeed Shipping calculate my charges?

Your shipping charges are calculated based on the route your package needs to travel. You will be responsible for the freight charges and customs duties. Feel free to call us for a quote or use our online estimated rates.

Do you ship to the Family Islands?

Yes, we provide the lowest rates for shipping services to Eleuthera and Long Island and can also arrange for your shipment to be sent to any of the other Family Islands.

What is dimensional weight?

The cost of a shipment can be affected by the amount of space that it occupies on an aircraft, rather than the actual weight. This is the dimensional (or volumetric) weight.

Formula for dimensional weight is:

Length x Width x Height (cubic inches)/166 = Dimensional Weight

Shipping Example:

A pair of shoes shipping in a box, weighing 1.5 pounds and measuring 14 x 10x 7 would be charged as if it weight 5.9 pounds due to the calculation of dimensional weight. Therefore, the calculation would be (14 x 10 x 7)/ 166= 5.90 or 5.9 pounds.

When do I receive my package?

Once we receive a copy of the invoice and your package arrives at our location in Florida, you will receive an email notification. The package should arrive the next business day in Nassau, and the following business day in Eleuthera or Long Island. We will advise of the arrival times in the other Family Islands on a case by case basis.

Does LightSpeed Shipping deliver to homes or offices?

Yes, we can arrange delivery services to homes or offices at an additional cost.