A t LightSpeed Shipping, we understand the frustrations of island life and not being able to get the items you need quickly and at affordable rates. That’s why we are offering a “one-stop shop”: freight forwarding services with unsurpassed service to consumers in Nassau and the Family Islands. With LightSpeed, feel at ease to know that you are in good hands. You will receive personal service, the best prices and your packages will arrive quickly. Most importantly, you can track your orders at every stage of the process – from the moment the merchandise arrives at our U.S. address to your LightSpeed store or Family Island airport.

Awesome customer service. ...everything arrived on time and in perfect condition. ..packed very well. Was informed of possible delay but still arrived when expected....thanks again!

Staci Pinder

Excellent customer service! Perfect for all your shipping needs.

Brittany C. Basden

Great customer service....very satisfied with their level of service!!!

Asternique Curtis

Outstanding professional service and unbeatable prices!!

Renée Anika